5 thoughts on “Now For Some More Marlon 16 of 28”

  1. I remember you told me you liked this song! I hope it did not make you not want to work any more. I have not worked in years. I think cause I am not happy with the jobs here in whitby..

  2. Funny 🙂 Still have a day Job or should I say a Late Nite One.
    With That said; I do plan to take some time off to work on a new Music Project.

    1. haha! 🙂 Cool! I just thought of something funny! The headline is “GET OUT OF MY ROOOOOM!” LOL We could make a album. or a single song about that if your interested? 🙂

        1. That “GET OUT OF MY ROOOOOM!!” thing is about a story when my brother was at an institution he told me about, I thought of us too. But they way things have been these days! I think that headline is perfect. The Cactus it’s cool!! I see you still have that same classical guitar! 🙂 Hope something good comes out of it!

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