Random 400 – 2 of 16


Random 400 Pack 2 by the Spunjet Crew is available in flac or ogg.

The Random 400 packs can be used “By giving the appropriate credit to SPUNJET BABY and SPUNJET.COM” All of the samples in the “Random 400 packs” are 100% royalty free. THAT’s RIGHT! This means you can mix all of the content contained in these packs into your original musical compositions and then sell these pieces of music for the following: Commercial music releases, film & TV projects, live performances, DJ sets and music demos. absolutely no sample clearance is required from SPUNJET BABY or SPUNJET.COM and you keep 100% of the royalties!

– Spunjet Crew

– Previously published on April 8, 2016.

5 thoughts on “Random 400 – 2 of 16”

  1. Example…

    This song was made with the help of “Spunjet Crew” at spunjet.com.


    Spunjet.com with or without sample pack info is added to the credits.

    This way other people can find and use Spunjet Baby too…


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