Catalogue SPU-21 to SPU-30

In September 2018; After 9yrs of operation, the ‘Spunjet Records’ catalogue will come to an end. Although some of the catalogue is currently unavailable, the remaining catalogue will slowly be removed beginning in july.

SPU-21: Frequency Episode 70-80

Frequency Episode: Fragmentation, Defragmentation, Collager 1, Collager 2, Collager 3, Collager 4, Collager 5, Collager 6, Compactor, Re-Compactor and This is static.

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SPU-22: Electroniek Symphoniek

Electroniek Symphoniek: Vol1, Vol2 and Vol3.

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You can find Electroniek Symphoniek stems here.

SPU-23: Cosmic Sketches

Cosmic Sketches: At Last stem pack in flac or ogg.

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You can find more Sketches here.

SPU-24: Frequency Episode 81

Frequency Episode 81: Odd Signals

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Nothing to see here!


Nothing to see here!


Nothing to see here!

SPU-28: Random Pack

Random Pack by the Spunjet Crew includes 10 random samples for you to play with.

License Info: This pack can be used “By giving the appropriate credit to SPUNJET BABY and SPUNJET.COM” All of the samples in this “pack” are 100% royalty free. THAT’s RIGHT! This means you can mix all of the content contained in this pack into your original musical compositions and then sell these pieces of music for the following: Commercial music releases, film & TV projects, live performances, DJ sets and music demos. absolutely no sample clearance is required from SPUNJET BABY or SPUNJET.COM and you keep 100% of the royalties!

SPU-29: Now For Some Marlon

Now For Some Marlon: The Order Of Operation, Industro, Echo In A Glass and Schazo by Marlon Cairenius.

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You can find more stems here.

SPU-30: Sink Inside

Sink Inside by Soundscape Fusion.

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-Spunjet Crew

Special Thanks TO: Thunder Snack, Krazy Kay, Beak The Wonderful, Mylee, Cthulhu, Gizmo, Marlon Cairenius and LoRa oZ.

No Thanks TO: Lime On A Rush, Filthy Meat Pocket and the Blue Egg Monster.