4 thoughts on “Halloween Creeps”

  1. Cool picture Helio! Nice hat. I have a black hat too except it is a skinny puppy hat. I have two of them..LOL. one is on my wall. Remember when you found that skinny puppy video at 7/11 at 3 in the morning and we were watching assimulate? in that room you rented o John st? LOL

  2. LOL 😉

    I watched it again a few weeks ago Marlon.
    ‘Skinny Puppy – Assimilate (Live)’ is here:

    Have you listened to the new Ohgr album?

    They are great live.

  3. Ohgr stuff I don’t really listen to. skinny puppy old stuff I like to listen to that I have already heard. and I like download. I like ohgr’s low down tuned guitar work I have heard that. lately I have been buying clothes from the skinny puppy website hats t-shirts I love the clothes there at that website. I think I try to buy something as much as possible. I bought the download fixer cdr disc. and I have a download old one on my cell phone. the Stan one.

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